Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Maya had her first tumbling class tonight and I was soooooo excited about it....until we got there. I have to say I am sort of let down and I am not sure right now if we are going to keep her in it. The teacher is in her 3rd trimester and has one helper. There are about 6 other little kids in the class with her and there was just NO structure at all. About 10 minutes into the class some of the kids started opening the door to the waiting area and Maya thought they were leaving so she started crying for me and the little class helper brought her to me!!! She didn't even try to get her interested in something else. So then I went out into the room with her and basically it was me trying to keep her on her "number" to wait her turn. It was just chaos. I am hoping it is just because it was the first class but I don't know I just have a pit of regret in my stomach about the situation. I am not sure she is going to get the "one on one" time and experience that I was hoping for.


The Longs said...

Well, that stinks, but I would be just like you:)!! I would definitely expect more than that!! Hopefully next week will go better:)

Anonymous said...

That's too bad. Hopefully the next class will be better.