Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ta-Ta Tumble

Well....tumbling is officially out! I withdrew Maya from her class today. It was such a disappointment and let-down and honestly I am relieved to be done with it although she only went twice. I went in with every intention of dropping Maya off and leaving her today. As soon as we walked in she grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let go. She started screaming if I tried to put her down and neither of the teachers would come to try and get her interested in something else. The class is only 30 minutes and there were at least 8 two or three yr old girls in the class. So.....by the time Maya got up to the mat for her turn it was already almost 5:45 and the class ends at 6. RIDICULOUS! Maya would have only been able to go to the mat twice in the whole class. While waiting on her turn it was apparently my responsibility to keep her in her seat and not running around. Ya....anyone who has a two year old knows that is just not reasonable. I grabbed the girls and left early to go fill out the withdrawl slip and said bye to that place! The girls had a blast at their own private lesson with Mommy!! :)

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