Friday, August 1, 2008

Surgery is Over!

Yay....finally the end is here! Today was surgery day. It has been 6 weeks since they initially found the lump. I was a little nervous this morning but really felt at peace with the situation. I had done a lot of praying and I had a lot of friends and family praying for me as well. Once I got to the hospital it took them 3 times to try and get the IV in! I have terrible small veins. The vein in my wrist blew as soon as they got it in and man that is painful and now I have a nice puffy bruise to show for it. They took me back to surgery about an hour and a half after I first checked in. I heard them say that the IV wasn't in a good vein so once they put me to sleep they moved it again...this time to my hand. So if you are keeping count I had four different sticks for the IV. I was out within 5 minutes of going to the operating room and I don't remember a thing except for waking up in recovery and my doctor coming over to check on me. My wonderful doctor went and talked to my parents after the surgery was over. He said that he didn't find anything suspicious. In fact the lump wasn't as deep as he initially thought and it had shrunk some since my last ultrasound. He told my parents he thinks it is something called a blue top cyst. It was perfectly round and fluid filled.

Dr. Z numbed the area for a few hours so after I got home my husband had ordered pizza so I chowed down because I was starving since I couldn't eat or drink after midnight last night. I took my pain meds and now I am resting comfortably on the couch listening to my children cause chaos!

Did I mention that I had to have a tube down my throat? OUCH! I have been having a little bit of reflux lately so they thought it would be on the safe side to put a tube in. The first thing I said when I woke up is that I had a sore throat. Nothing a yummy frosty couldn't help fix.

The power of prayer is amazing and I am so blessed that I have a wonderful heavenly father that watches over me.

The picture is of my new bandaging! I feel like I had a boob job! ha ha

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