Saturday, August 30, 2008


Miss Maya Claire turns TWO next Sunday and I am already getting sentimental about it! Where did the past two years go? She is looking like such a big girl now.....So in honor of her approaching 2nd birthday I thought I would share her birth story!

We found out we were pregnant with Maya the day after Gracie turned one! It was a surprise and I was totally scared out of my mind. How was I ever going to mange two kids so close together in age??? The pregnancy wasn't near as eventful as my pregnancy with Gracie...thank goodness. I did have some random bouts of nausea and fatigue and unfortunately I did suffer some spotting like I did when I was pregnant with Gracie. Luckily my mom worked for my OB doctor and I was able to get ultrasounds to check on her. It ended up being placenta previa that eventually corrected itself. Matt was moving to Atlanta at the beginning of April and Gracie and I were staying in Memphis so that I could see my regular doctor since I loved him. So at my 15 week appt. we were able to find out the gender since we begged the doctor for an ultrasound since it would be the last appt. Matt would be able to go to with me. I wasn't surprised at all when they told me they were pretty sure it was a girl! I was excited! From then on the rest of the pregnancy was pretty much just exhausting! I had terrible pains and I felt huge. We decided to have a repeat c-section and scheduled it for Sept. 7th 2006 since Gracie's birthday is on 1/7 and Matt's birthday is on 11/7. Seven seems to be a good number in this family. I remember that we had to be at the hospital at 10am that morning. When I had Gracie it was an emergency c-section and I had already been in the hospital for almost 48 hours so I looked a mess. This time I showered and put on some make-up....I wanted to look good for surgery this time! ;) The c-section was extremely painful this go around. Maya was turned sideways and was up high so the nurse was practically jumping on my belly...and yes I could feel that part! I was crying because it hurt so darn bad. In the end of course it was worth it. Miss Maya came into the world screaming at 12:30pm! She was gorgeous and had a head full of dark black hair. You would never know that now! She weighed 7lb 5oz and was 20" long. She was a whole pound bigger and inch longer than her sister had been. She was PERFECT! Maya was such an easy baby which I was very thankful for since Gracie had been a very challenging baby. Maya still has a very laid back personality although she is very much the dare devil and I do see stitches or broken bones of some sort in our future! Our life is much richer with Maya in it and I am very blessed to be the mother of such beautiful little girls.

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