Sunday, August 17, 2008

Six Flags, Early Birthday Celebrations and Family Fun

Wow.....what a busy weekend we have had! Today was another long day but it was a ton of fun! We started the day by dropping the girls off with Nana and Mimi and then Dad, my brother James, Matthew and I went to Six Flags! It was a really nice day today. The weather wasn't too hot and the park wasn't crowded at all. Our first ride was the newest coaster Goliath and we were in the very front of the ride! It was favorite ride of the day with the Thunder River coming in second. We got to enjoy the typical theme park food.....nachos, ice cream, funnel cakes and fudge! Matthew and I bought the girls cute little stuffed Tweety Birds as souvenirs. After we were all tired out we headed home to get ready for an early birthday cookout. Since my brother can't be here for Maya's birthday in a few weeks and we won't see him on his 21st birthday at the end of Sept. we celebrated both birthdays early! My brother cooked some yummy steaks and burgers on the grill and my dad make some delicious homemade vanilla ice cream. After dinner we played some Rock Band on the Wii and then called it a night!!

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Pineapple princess Beads said...

Gosh Sounds like soooo Much fun.Maya looks so precious,and you 3 musketeers seem like you had a blast :).