Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Picture People Pics

Well last night my mom and I took the girls to Picture People to get Maya's 2yr. B-Day pics made and then some new ones of the girls together. Needless to say it was a good photo shoot but a terrible customer service night! We had a 6:30 appt. and didn't even get back to the room until after 7. Then we waited until 9:15 to even see our pics!!!! Thats right we were told to come back in 30 minutes after we finished shooting and it took an extra 1.5 hours! Then....we sat around for another 45 minutes trying to get the actual prints. We didn't end up leaving the mall until 10 last night....the mall itself closed at 9! Oh and get this there were 2 other families still there looking at the pictures after we left. I will NEVER go back there again. It is Target Studios for us from no on.

The pics did turn out cute though! Miss Maya is quite the ham and once we got Miss Shy Gracie out there she did well too!

Pics courtesy of Picture People Studios


Pineapple princess Beads said...

Heather !! the girls are soooo cute .I love the pictures ,I am impressed how theY didn't look tired at all, wow till 10pm,mine would have been asleep or look all messed up by then.Hey at least the pictures turned out fabulous.xoxox.

Missy Whitt said...

Hey Heather,

Love the pics of the girls, I ordered a 8x10 of the one where Maya is laying over Gracie featured on your main page. Love that one!!!!

Love always, Missy