Monday, November 10, 2008

Holy Mole...y........

Ha! The title cracks me up....;)

Just a little post to encourage everyone to get your moles checked! I am a very "moley" person and I had two that were bothering me so I decided to get them removed. My dermotologist checked my moles and found one that he didn't like so he removed it. The biopsies came back today and the two I wanted removed were fine and the one he wanted to remove is called a something..something displaysia. Basically it is an atypical mole but not a cancer. I suppose it has the potential to turn into a cancer. I have the mildest form of it so basically I just go back Wed. and the doctor will remove some more of the surrounding skin to make sure all of the atypical cells are gone. As someone who has had both grandmothers have skin cancer I feel relieved to have got my moles checked and the bad one removed early! This is something many people don't think about but it is surely important and I plan on continuing to have mine checked yearly. Now I think I have had enough biopsies this year! Hopefully next year will be biopsy free! ;)

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