Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I know myself well enough to know when I am starting to get depressed or down in the dumps. It has just been stuff piling up and then yesterday finally something devestating happened that just made the barrier break. Lets start off with the little things....a big move into a new house for which I am extremely thankful for but it is still a very stressful thing. Next would be having two stubborn toddlers running wild and choosing not to listen plus Maya has been waking multiple times during the night for some unknown reason and so I haven't had a good night's sleep in awhile. I love my girls more than anything in the world but sometimes I just let it all overwhelm me. I am trying to just take a breath and let the small things go but that is easier said than done. So I guess that brings me to yesterday when my Dad was over helping us move some stuff. I was out front getting stuff out of the car and he peeked his head out the door and told me that my mom had just called and she had found out that one of their old friends, Tina Caronna, had been missing since Sat. WHAT?!?! I couldn't believe it. Supposedly Tina had gone to Costco to get some stuff for a Halloween party that Sat. night and never came home. No one heard anything else from her. Since we don't live in Memphis anymore I kept following the news stations there online. Shortly after we found out she was missing I read that they had found her car abandoned on a dead end street with a dead female inside. My heart sank as the cruel reality set in. The police wouldn't confirm whether or not the body was Tina but my mom called Tina's mom and unfortunately got the confirmation we knew inside but wanted to hope wasn't true. Today the Bartlett police finally released the fact that it was her body and they are investigating it as a homicide. Simply tragic..... I personally haven't seen Tina in over 2 years but I remember being around her quite a bit growing up because she was good friends with my mom and my brother and her son were also good friends. It just really hits home when you see someone you know on the news and they have been murdered....why, how, by who....tohse are the answers that you want. Tina's dad just passed away last year suddenly in his sleep and so now I just have an overwhelming sadness for her Mother She is a strong woman but now she has had to bury not only her husband but her daughter in less than a years time. They are supposed to possibly release cause of death tomorrow. I just hope that whoever murdered this sweet and loving mother is caught and pays for the truly wonderful life that they took. Was it random....or was it someone she knew? I have my theories but truly only time will tell. Tina came into my life for only a short amount of time in the big picture but I can say looking back that she made an impact on my life that I didn't quite realize until now. She was always smiling...always happy...a truly genuine person with a zest for life.

As I process all of the things in my life right now I try to just BREATHE and take it all in stride. I am blessed and I know that I can handle all of the trivial things in life when I think about what Tina's family must be going through.

Rest in Peace Tina.......


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