Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Surrender All

As Friday(the day of my surgery) quickly approaches I have been quite peaceful about the situation. I have already laid it all into the hands of my loving God as I know that he will watch over me. Yet as I learned some heartbreaking news this evening the fear and nervousness begin to creep back in. A friend on my mommy board that I have been on for over 3 years was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has two small boys around the girls age and it honestly just makes me sick. She is a fighter so I know that she will beat this but I am sad beyond words that she has to fight this battle. You know....CANCER SUCKS! She is so young and should be having the time of her life instead of fighting for it. When the doctors found my lump almost 6 weeks ago I literally freaked out. I thought back over the past few years at all of the stupid things I have been upset or worried about. I would get frustrated because Gracie didn't nap or because Matt and I had an argument. It put everything into perspective for me. There was no point in getting upset about those minor blips in life. I want to be around to watch my children grow up just like any other mother and I learned that I need to be thankful for every day that I have with them. No one is guarenteed tomorrow. My main point in this blog is to encourage young women to be aware of your body....do your self-breast exams! Don't think just because you are young that you won't get a lump of you won't get breast cancer. It does happen. The majority of lumps are benign but you must get it checked.

Please pray for me that my lump is benign and also pray for my friend and all the other women that battle this disease while trying to live their life.

My God is an AWESOME God!

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Michelle Whitt said...

What?!?!?!??!?! Heather, you found a lump in your breast, is that what I hear you saying?? You better keep us informed as to how things go!! I will keep you in my daily prayers. All my Love, Missy